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QAH Group is a Winston Salem based real estate investment company that seeks to acquire, manage, develop and finance value-add commercial or residential real estate through local joint partnerships. 

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Commercial Investments

QAH Group invests in properties across multiple commercial product types including office, retail, industrial and live/work. Transforming spaces to add value is the goal that unites the properties and QAH Group leverages its broad experience to provide high quality space for its tenants and to enhance returns to its investors.

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Residential Investments

QAH Group targets multifamily and single family residential properties throughout the Triad area of North Carolina. In most instances the properties undertake significant capital improvement plans. Borrowing from its commercial experience, QAH Group strives to provide quality affordable spaces for its tenants with a goal of securing long term relationships. 

In some instances, QAH Group leases and manages its residential properties and in other cases third party property managers are retained.

Design/Build Renovations

We have a wide breadth of experience in renovating homes, we treat each home as its own unique opportunity and provide all the design and project management services.

For extensive floor plan modifications as well as new kitchen designs we have the ability to create 2D & 3D renderings.

Additionally, we can provide these service directly to homeowners via Camel City Property Services division..

Learn more about Camel City Property Services here

Investor Services

QAH Group has consistently generated risk-adjusted returns that have outperformed the overall market. The company achieves strong cash-on-cash returns and asset appreciation by renovating, re-branding, and improving the operations of each asset in which it invests. 


By repositioning properties, QAH Group extracts the highest value from the real estate and provides renters an improved product to live or work.

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