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Bankruptcy Filing

1031 Exchange​

The biggest advantage of a 1031 exchange is that you can avoid having to pay capital gains taxes on the sale of an investment property. In order to perform a successful 1031 exchange you must comply with rules and qualification requirements.

QAH Group LLC​

We are a privately held real estate investment company based in Winston Salem specializing in property management, distressed real estate acquisitions, residential and commercial rehabilitation and resale, and private lending. QAH offers its investors a wide array of investment opportunities including partnership opportunities, private money loans and/or profit participation. Investors can take advantage of alternate invest vehicles such as 1031 Exchanges and Real Estate IRA's.

Financial Analyst

Real Estate IRA's Residential

The real estate IRA is no different than any other IRA or 401k except for the fact that it allows investments in real estate property. The IRA allows investments to grow tax-free or tax-deferred compounded over time to maximize growth and IRA can also qualify for yearly tax-deductions, provide asset protection and assets can be passed to future generations.

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